Automotive Design

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Automotive and Transport Design

Renfrew Group is well equipped to deliver automotive and transport projects with the kind of forward thinking necessary in this dynamic sector. A keen awareness of future trends and the needs of users is paramount in most areas of design and development, but perhaps none more so than in the automotive and public transport sectors.

As the levels of comfort and safety, and the facilities available to drivers and passengers of private cars continues to widen, so too do their expectations of these things when travelling by public transport. Circulation space design and safety whilst negotiating interior and exterior approach spaces is augmented by an intense focus on user access, comfort, connectivity and visibility (and indeed privacy).

automotive design concepts
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Society’s ever mounting fascination with personal freedom and healthy lifestyles has led to dramatic developments in automotive design and the rise of the niche’ vehicle. We work with selected clients on projects in the race/sports/utility field as well as the PSV sectors – There has never been a better time for our designers to display their creativity.